This tournament occurs across two rounds - Heats (top 400 players from EU, NAE, NAW, BR, top 200 players from OCE, Asia, ME) and Grand Finals (top 100 players per region). They fell just short but earned the most eliminations out of any other team. The Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Warmup tournament took place this weekend. As players loaded into the last game, the first place duo of mralex1 and BLS Tuii failed to do so and could only watch as their opponents moved up the leaderboard. This is the first official competition of Fortnite Chapter 2 and the beginning of the squad game mode.. Every week counts, as top performers on the Series Leaderboard will also qualify into the Season Finals. FNCS Heats Cumulative Leaderboard - #1; EU Encore - #1; FNCS Season Finals - #2; Champion Cash Cup - #2; NRG benjyfishy. For Group Stage, all qualified teams are seeded into a single session based on their final standings on the Series Leaderboard. Grand Finals: September 22nd, 2019 3 hour limit & 6 match limit; Scoring based on placement and eliminations. That wraps up week one of FNCS Chapter 2 - Season 4. Competitive Fortnite’s high 100 solo gamers in all seven areas are midway by the FNCS Invitational Grand Finals. We're having trouble processing matches, check back later! RNG Jynx and kquid clutched up in the final match of OCE Grand Finals to earn the crown of the FNCS Season Champions. About [] Format []. The top teams from each session will advance to the Grand Finals. Sorry! Match Listing Unavailable! Much earlier in the weekend, KuKi zZz, Mev and Wiz Nyle escaped with a narrow seven-point victory. Want to see what this is all about? Advance from a previous Series Qualifier or be top ranked on the Series Leaderboard to be invited to this event. SAQR Modisk, Phoenix Kai and 25 ABDUFAL7 were the only other trio to break 200 points across the final 12 matches. They accumulated 91 total points in the final round. Thus far, we’ve skilled three weekends of unconventional competitors. This tournament occurs across two rounds - Group Stage (top 133 teams per region) and Grand Finals (top 32 teams per region). As always, we will be covering the EU and NA region and will update the top 10 of the leaderboards as the event progresses. ESTNN takes a have a look at the leaderboard after day one of many FNCS Invitational Season Finals. Benjyfish je ove godine samo učvrstio svoje mesto među najboljim Fortnite igračima Evrope. Legendary players from all previous seasons' FNCS come together in the Finals of the FNCS Invitational. FNCS: Chapter 2 - Season 2 Season Finals Advance from a previous Series Weekly or be top ranked on the Series Leaderboard to be invited to this event. The top 10 teams from Round Three in each region will advance to the Season Finals at the end of Chapter 2 - Season 1. The FNCS will take place over three days with four Heat sessions leading into the Grand Finals. Scoring ... from the Leaderboard tab. Prize Pool … FNCS Season X Finals Heat 1 EU Top 10 Leaderboards Position Teams will also accumulate Series Points based on each week's final placements tracked on the Series Leaderboard. We'll explain the process in more detail below. In Europe (EU), Jordan “Tuckz” Tucker, “CoreGaming,” Joshua “lolb0om” Juliano, and “Saevid” finished on top of the region. This article will be updated with all final scores and standings on the first day of the FNCS season X finals. Try looking on the Contender Cash Cup Round 2 events page.